Sam and Dean Winchester are taking a break from fighting ghouls and goblins to pull some pranks.

Recently, the stars of “Supernatural” posted a few behind-the-scenes images of themselves wrecking havoc on the sets of others shows filmed in the Vancouver area.

“Just hanging with @jensenackles, doing a photo shoot….. We ended up at the Arrow stages! But we didn’t see @stephenamell … Oh well,” Jared Padalecki captioned a photo of him and Ackles pretending to relieve themselves on Amell’s trailer sign.


But that wasn’t the only chaos caused by the trouble-making twosome. After pulling down their draws on the set of “Arrow,” Jensen Ackles and Padalecki made their way over to “The Flash” to create pandemonium on the set of the hit CW series.

“Just hanging on the set of #TheFlash with my boy @jaredpadalecki ….doing what we do. Eating and sleeping. Our recipe for 12 seasons,” Ackles wrote in an Instagram post that featured a silly video of the boys disobeying the rules of the set.


As Ackles crunched down on a snack, Padalecki closed his eyes to take a little catnap. After all, we would be tired too if we spent all of Season 11 fighting against God’s powerful sister. What makes the video so ironic is as the boys indulge, two signs (placed strategically behind them) warns against sleeping and eating on set. But the Winchester brothers were never really ones to follow the rules anyway, right?

In addition to causing disorder on the sets of other CW dramas, Padalecki and Ackles are also filming Season 12 of “Supernatural,” which will begin airing its 23-episodic installment Thursday, Oct. 13.