Well, that was intense! “Supernatural” upped the drama during episode 2 of its 10th season, starting with an eerie flashback to many, many moons ago. “Reichenbach” kicked off with a young Cole (guest star Travis Aaron Wade) waking up to the sound of his father’s brutal murder. He quietly snuck down the stairs -- slipping on his dad’s blood -- only to witness a fresh-faced Dean (Jensen Ackles) standing there with the blood-soaked murder weapon.

Now little Inigo Montoya is all grown up -- and he wants vengeance for the death of his father, which is why he has Sam (Jared Padalecki) in his clutches. He’s using Sam as leverage to lure Dean to his dungeon. But little does Cole know, Dean’s a demon and could care less if Sammy got a bullet to the brain. Thus begins poor Sam’s torture when he wouldn’t aid Cole in his quest to find and kill Dean. But when Cole received a phone call from his child, Sam managed to sneak out and hunt his brother down.

While Sam was on a frantic search for his brother, Dean was sitting back and relaxing at a strip club. But his R&R turned sour when he got a little too friendly with a dancer -- and by friendly we mean Dean turned into a total pig. The bouncer tried to kick Dean out but it’s the demon that ultimately put the security guard in a sling.

After escaping Cole’s clutches, Sam made a desperate call to Castiel (Misha Collins) in hopes that the dying angel would help track down Dean. “This is an all hands on deck situation,” Sam pleaded with Cas after revealing Dean had turned into a demon. The injured angel didn’t need much begging to lend a helping hand -- even when his companion, Hannah, tried to convince him that the Winchester brothers were bad news. But we don’t know how much assistance Cas would have actually been considering he can barely keep himself alive. Cas was in no shape to go on a wild demon chase -- especially after he fell asleep at the wheel, crashing his car.

As if viewers couldn’t tell already, Dean was getting restless and the only way to control his anger was if he fed his mark. To do that, he must kill -- and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) had picked out the perfect subject for Dean to ax. But instead of killing the pretty blonde that cheated on her husband, Dean killed the client. That didn't make Crowley too happy considering that left him without the soul of his customer. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” Crowley asked Dean after getting shoved.

“Oh, whatever I want,” Dean responded. But Crowley wasn't convinced Dean knew what he wanted. Instead he screamed at his demonic friend to pick a side. Did Dean want to be a merciful human of a demonic creature?

“What can I say -- the crazy ones they make good flings but they’re not relationship material,” Crowley quipped when Dean and him decided to part ways.

While tracking down his brother, Sam himself was being hunted -- by Cole. The revenge-seeking veteran revealed he knew by following Sam he would find himself before the Demon he so desperately sought out. But before Dean’s showdown with Cole, the demon had a moment with his brother.

Sam told his brother that he just couldn't let Dean go and even insisted that they turn him back into a human. “A little Latin and a lot of blood,” Dean responded, remembering their past endeavors. But Dean had no desire to transform.

“You don’t know what I’ve done,” he said to Dean. “I don’t care because you’re my brother and I’m here to take you home,” he sweetly replied. However, Dean joked that Sam sounded like he was quoting a Lifetime movie, which left Sam with no choice but to throw cuffs on his brother. But before Sam could get them around Dean’s wrist, the room they were in was smoked out.

When the brothers escaped the clouded area, they ran into Cole, who was patiently waiting for them. Cole punched Sam out cold and confronted Dean about killing his father. But Dean responded nonchalantly about the death of Cole’s dad, which really irked him. He began to attack Dean with a knife but ended up getting all his weapons taken away. The Demon then spared Cole’s life, which Sam said was merciful (after he had captured his brother when Dean’s back was turned). But Dean rebutted that nothing he did was merciful.

“That’s the worst thing I could have done to him,” he said about letting Cole live with the notion that he was unable to take out his father’s killer after decades of preparing. “And what I’m going to do to you, Sammy, well, that’s not going to be mercy either.”

Episode 2 ended with Dean handcuffed by Sam; Castiel convincing Hannah not to make a deal with Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) for his life; Crowley reminiscing about his equestrian moments with Demon Dean; and Cole borrowing every demonic book the library owns. Guess Inigo isn’t quite done avenging his father’s death.

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