The gang is back together! When “Supernatural” airs episode 12 of the hit CW series, the Winchester brothers will reunite with fan favorite character Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes).

The last time viewers saw the sassy sheriff was during Season 10 when Jody attended a sheriff’s retreat in Hibbing, Minnesota — which ended up turning into a bloody battle against vampires. But we’re hoping Jody didn’t pack away her stake because according to the synopsis for the upcoming Season 11 installment, Jody will continue to go toe-to-toe with monsters in episode 12.

A sneak-peek video for “Don’t You Forget About Me” reveals that Jody will be quite surprised when she spys Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) Impala sitting in her driveway.

“I didn’t put up the bat signal,” Jody says to Alex (Katherine Ramdeen), revealing it wasn’t her who dialed the Winchester brother’s number.

“I called,” Claire (Kathryn Newton) says, explaining why she requested Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s appearance, “about the monsters that you refuse to believe are monsters.”

According to the synopsis for episode 12, Claire is convinced that supernatural creatures are the ones behind the recent string of murders occurring in her town and she’s determined to stop them — even if it means taking out a few, innocent bystanders.

“Jody tells the guys that Claire has been getting into trouble lately, attacking normal people and accusing them of being monsters,” the summary explains.

Apparently, Jody doesn’t believe there’s any paranormal funny business going on and tells the guys that she could have saved them a trip if they confirmed Claire’s tall tale with her first.

“Well, we figured we owed you the visit,” Dean replies, proving just how strong the bond between these old friends is.

“Supernatural” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on the CW.