Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to run with scissors? Well, the Winchester brothers will be totally disregarding that bit advice when the hunky duo return to the small screen on March 18 with episode 16, “Blade Runners.”

According to the hit CW show’s synopsis, here’s what fans can expect to occur on “Supernatural” after the show took a short hiatus:“With Abaddon and Crowley searching for the First Blade, Sam and Dean must recruit the air of a former Man of Letters to determine the Blade’s location.” “Blade Runner” will also be the episode to star the “Jersey Shore” reality princess Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi! So, you better believe we’ll be watching tonight.

"What ever happens in hell, stays in hell," we hear the four-foot-eight actress say in the promo. Does that mean Snooki will be playing the role of a demon? Perhaps Polizzi could be the missing link to finding out where exactly The First Blade is!

To give a little more detail about episode 16, let us explain what’s going on. In “Blade Runner” the Winchester bros will find out that Crowley is unable to complete his mission of retrieving The First Blade after he begins an addiction to human blood. The First Blade is an indestructible weapon first used by Cain to kill his brother Abel. It’s the only weapon capable of killing a Knight of Hello, which is why Same and Dean are in a race against time to try and find it because Abaddon, the last surviving knight.

In Episode 16, Sam and Dean will try to hold an intervention to get Crowley clean. But their mission to find The First Blade will outweigh their desire to help the demon. That’s when they decided to reach out to The Men of Letters, a secret organization of scholars who research the supernatural, to help them detect where the coveted weapon is.

But that’s not all we learned about the upcoming episode of “Supernatural.” Jensen Ackles revealed that his character will also be portraying a much darker demeanor in the episodes to come.

“Personally it's been fun,” Ackles admitted to playing a bad boy to Zap2it. “To be honest, from the very beginning of the series, I always enjoyed Dean's comedic aspects and the humor in which he was portrayed, and whenever the situation got heavy or emotional, there was always a bit of levity that Dean was able to bring to the situation. And I really feel like he's been stripped of all that this year. He's going through something that he hasn't had to deal with before. It's heavy, and he's not able to find that lighter side in himself. As an actor, personally, after playing the character so much, to not being able to lighten it up, it's new territory. It's been dark in Dean's world for a while, and I'm hoping that someone will open up a window soon.”

We’ve seen Dean kill people without a bat of an eye so we can only imagine what’s in store for Ackles' character.

Will you be watching episode 16? Let us know what your predictions are for the upcoming episode of “Supernatural” in the comments section below.