The one common thread that unites Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes after the divorce is their bundle of joy, Suri. The little lady has been in the spotlight ever since her parents decided to end their marriage and arrived at a swift out-of-the-court settlement for the sake of their daughter.

While the news of Cruise reuniting with his daughter and flying above the NYC skyline was followed with great interest, Suri getting back with mother Holmes after holidaying with Cruise was pursued with equal interest, reports the entertainment website E.

Though Cruise and Holmes have ensured that they do not meet each other during the outings, the divorce seems to have taken its toll on both the stars as they appear to take adequate measures to maintain a low-profile.

Meanwhile, the paparazzi is on its toes watching the child celebrity's every move as she has become the center of the universe for both parents. The news of Holmes relaxing in Suri's absence and Cruise devoting his time to wrap up the shoot for 'Oblivion' to meet up with Suri, is being devoured by fans and industry people with much enthusiasm.

With Holmes having won the primary custody of Suri, and Cruise securing liberal visitation rights, it seems that Papa will be seen visiting New York more often to spend time with his biological daughter, though his primary residence is in Los Angeles.

The E report also cited how Holmes intends to return to the Broadway in the fall with a new play titled, 'Dead Accounts'.

Keen to ensure a normal upbringing for Suri, Holmes has seen to it that her daughter stays away from designer labels till she attains the right age.

Earlier, Hollywood Life reported how Holmes returned generous gifts addressed for Suri from designers ever since she arrived in the Big Apple. Reveal Magazine carried the first reports of the strict dress code enforcement laid out by Holmes.

She issued instructions to remove Suri from all freebie lists. She's also put out the word in LA to stop any mini-me diva products being sent her way, reports Hollywood Life.