Episode 6 of "Survivor: Second Chance" was the busiest hour of the season so far. The wild week included an emergency exit, an unexpected tribe swap, a stomach-turning immunity challenge, and a stunning blind side. Even weeks after the episode filmed, the castaways themselves were still processing everything that went down.

Before the episode even formally started, host Jeff Probst woke Terry Deitz up in the middle of the night to let him know his son was in the hospital -- he would eventually need a heart transplant -- and that his wife and son's doctor wanted him back home. It was heartbreaking to see Terry have to leave the game in that way and viewers shared their sympathy on Twitter for the fan favorite player. Terry tweeted during episode 6 to thank everyone for the support. 

Many of the castaways echoed fans' support, including Abi, who tweeted a photo of herself wearing a "Danny Strong" t-shirt in honor of Terry's son.

There was eventually a proper elimination at tribal council and it was Woo who was sent home after a "Chaos Kass"-engineered blind side. Woo, though, remained gracious in defeat.

Though it did not show up in the episode, Abi did not dodge rumors on Twitter that she had played a pivotal role in turning the tribe on Woo. After all, she had never quite forgiven him for having voted for her twice earlier in the game.

However, the part of the episode the castaways had the most to say about, by far, was the immunity challenge that forced them to chow down on a variety of disgusting dishes, including spiders and pig snout. No one seemed to happy about it, except for Woo, of course. 

Ciera's struggles were amplified by the fact that she had all but sat out of the same challenge when competing for individual immunity in "Blood vs. Water." In a behind-the-scenes video posted by the show, she explained why the stakes were much higher competing in a group challenge this season. 

Watch the video below:

What drama will episode 7 hold? Fans will have to wait to find out. "Survivor: Second Chance" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.