"Survivor: Second Chance" ended Wednesday with an hour-long, live reunion show breaking down the season's best moments and players. However, there was much more to talk about from this busy, unpredictable season than host Jeff Probst could jam into that short amount of time. Luckily, much of the cast took to Twitter during and after the episode to continue the conversation and talk about about Jeremy's big "Second Chance" win.

First and foremost, Jeremy himself thanked the fans for voting him into the season and, thus, giving him the opportunity to take home the million-dollar prize. 

However, many fans on social media complained that Jeremy only won because of the sympathy vote following his confession at the final tribal council that his wife was pregnant with their third child. Stephen, though, says that is not the case. He says the tearful tale may have helped make Jeremy's win unanimous -- all 10 jury members voted for Jeremy -- but that the firefighter already had it in the bag. 

Another big question following the finale was if Jeremy should have brought Kelley Wentworth to the final tribal council instead of Spencer. Would that have changed anything?

Apparently, Jeremy made the right choice. However, to get to that point. Jeremy had to first survive the closest, most confusing, and arguably the best tribal council in the show's 31 seasons. After Kelley and Jeremy both played hidden immunity idols in the finale's first tribal council, a "Survivor" first occurred when no original votes ended up counting. It took two more rounds of re-voting and some trips deep into the "Survivor" rule book before Kimmi Kappenberg was ultimately sent home. The castaways were thrilled.

Kelley, on the other hand, continued to vent about her tragically early exit in the final immunity challenge, a challenge she all but needed to win to secure a spot in the final three. She did not and instead went home at the next tribal council.

However, Reed Kelly, a contestant from "Blood vs. Water," Jeremy's original season, tweeted to remind Kelley -- and the rest of the "Second Chance" cast -- that their real mistake was letting Jeremy get so far in the game in the first place. 

"Survivor" will return to CBS Feb. 17 with "Brains, Braun, and Beauty."