Abi was voted out of "Survivor: Second Chance" in episode 13 for the same reason she was often so close to elimination early in the season -- she was unpredictable! Her tantrums, sensitivity, and penchant for switching her loyalty on a dime made it hard for the other castaways to feel comfortable having her in their alliances at such a critical point in the game -- the next episode is the big finale! Now Abi takes her seat on the jury and is off to live with the rest of the ousted castaways at Ponderosa for the rest of the season. Would she bring the same drama to Ponderosa that she was so famous for causing in the game?

The new episode of the "Ponderosa" web series reveals that Abi shows up at the losers' retreat with a remarkably peaceful attitude. She seems much more concerned with ordering a margarita than stirring up trouble with any of her new roommates. However, everyone else is on edge, especially Kelly, who had a hard time getting along with Abi in the game -- she keeps her distance. Then, Abi starts gossiping about the castaways left in the game and says "Tasha is fake." Kass notes that the subject of Tasha is a sensitive issue for Andrew, who immediately gets defensive and complains that Kass brings up her dislike for Tasha too frequently, while Kass maintains her right to voice her opinion. 

"He does not appreciate that I don't appreciate Tasha and that I talk about it," Kass tells Abi. 

"Everyone understands. She hates you ... you hate her. You don't have to repeat it five times a day," Andrew lectures. 

So, it did not take too long for Abi to spark some drama, but, as Stephen pointed out, it was not exactly her fault and more a case of a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

"We had internalized this idea of Abi bringing conflict so much that we were created conflict and Abi was eating a pancake," says Stephen. "She was fine." 

Later, the room situation becomes an issue when the Ponderosa castaways realize Abi would have to room with one of them. Kelly is far from interested in bunking with her in-game nemesis so Ciera volunteers. Luckily, the two get along great and bond over Abi's "cute clothes and great nail polish." 

Watch Abi's "Ponderosa" episode below:

Who will get voted out next? And who will win it all? The finale of "Survivor: Second Chance" airs Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.