In episode 10 of “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” Mike pulled the ultimate bluff when his threat to use his hidden immunity idol for Shirin exposed the cracks in the majority alliance. Would it be enough to convince anyone to flip over to his side and alter the course of the game?

Here’s how it all happened in episode 11 of “Survivor” Season 30:


When the tribe got back from the last episode’s tribal council, Dan was not pleased about getting votes. However, Will and Tyler -- the two people who had written his name down -- were able to rather easily dissuade the postal worker of any fears he had that he was at the bottom of their six-man alliance. Tyler noted that Dan was not as much gullible as he was loyal, adding that in “Survivor,” those were essentially the same thing.


The episode’s reward challenge required the castaways to break into teams for an obstacle course. The two teams had to climb and retrieve a bag of balls, make their way through a narrow net sling and launch the balls into baskets with a catapult. It was Mike, Sierra and Carolyn on the red team vs. Tyler, Dan and Rodney on the blue team. Rodney, who had not won a reward throughout the whole game, was dying to get a taste of victory, especially considering that it was his birthday. Will had promised to give Rodney his spot in the reward if he won, but after not getting picked for the teams he was forced to sit out of the challenge.

In the challenge, the blue team jumped out to an early lead when Dan got the hang of the catapult relatively quickly. However, Mike, stubbornly refusing to give up control of the red team’s catapult to Sierra, was able to engineer a comeback. The red team won the reward, earning a trip to deliver clothes and toys to an orphanage in San Juan Del Sur before enjoying a barbeque with the locals. After the challenge, Rodney promised not to make a case for why one of the winning three should give him their spot before, well, making a case. When neither Mike, Sierra nor Carolyn agreed, Rodney was furious.

Birthday Boy

On their reward, Mike, Sierra and Carolyn were moved to get to play with the local orphans. Carolyn was even considering shifting her allegiance after spending the emotional day with Mike.

Meanwhile, Rodney was throwing an epic tantrum back at camp. After a snarling rant against Carolyn, he hatched a half-baked plan to pretend to want to be the next person voted out in the hopes that an unsuspecting Mike would not play his idol and the tribe would be able to vote him out. Tyler, though, did not have much faith in the plan and feared Mike would just write Tyler’s name down and send him home. Then, when Mike returned to camp and Rodney tried to sell his scheme to the tribe, Mike saw right through the Boston native’s plot.


In the immunity challenge, the castaways had to balance on a small perch, holding on to a small rope. Incrementally, they were forced to lean further back by holding onto knots lower and lower on the rope. For the first time in weeks, Mike failed to win an immunity challenge as the contest came down to Carolyn and Tyler. In the end, Carolyn held on to win her second individual immunity.

Tribal Council

With Mike’s hidden immunity idol, the majority alliance had to vote out one of their own. Tyler was targeting Dan, hoping to neutralize the two-vote advantage he had won in the auction. However, his alliance had other plans, namely knocking out one of the game’s biggest threats. When the votes were tallied, Tyler Fredrickson became the 12th person voted out of the game.

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