The 11 remaining castaways were part of a highly anticipated merge on Wednesday’s episode of CBS’ “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” While episode 7 saw the contestants come together, it also sent one packing. Find out who which Season 32 player was eliminated.

The episode opens with Gondol back to camp after sending Peter home at tribal council. Scot says due to the Brain tribe contestants' indecision at the vote, he will be picking them apart one by one. Aubry says she knows there is a target on her and Joe's back.  

Over at Chan Loh, Cydney notices Neal has a bulge in his pocket and tells Jason she believes he has an immunity idol. Just when they're about to confront Neal, the tribe then gets a message via a boat carrier. They learn they have five minutes to pack up their belongings because they’re moving as part of a merge.

The Merge

When Scot, Julia and Tai notices the other castaways' arrival, they're excited about the merge. Scot is thrilled to see his Brawn members, Jason and Sydney, again. Aubry is also happy about the second switchup, saying she feels safe due to the return of Neal and Debbie. Former Beauty members Nick and Michelle do not immediately join an alliance.

Shortly after the merge Nick is approached by both the Brain and Brawn alliance, both wanting him and Michelle to join their ranks. After drinking a little too much rum, Scot and Jason tell Nick immediately that they think Neal has an idol and know Tai has an idol. Despite giving them intel, Nick says he isn’t fond of them. 

The following day Debbie tries to grow the Brain tribe's number by approaching Tai and wants to get into an alliance with him. Tai says he’s not going to be fooled by her. Aubry says its clear Debbie is trying too hard and appears desperate to get the numbers.

The Brawn tribe reveals they want to go after Neal but since they believe he has an immunity idol, they will take out someone they’ll never see coming: Aubry.

Meanwhile, Neal reveals to Aubry he has an idol from the first camp. Aubry says Neal’s hidden immunity idol is exactly what her team needs.

Individual Immunity Challenge

After a lot of politicking, the contestants met up with host Jeff Probst for the first individual immunity challenge. Before the game starts, Jeff questions the castaways about their cuts. Neal, Scot and Aubry each reveal they're battling an infection. Tai shares he has two big scrapes, but says he’s feeling good. Jason says the elements haven’t been easy on all of them but they’re embracing it.

When it comes time to compete, the contestants are told they must stand on a log while balancing a ball on a wooden disk. At regular integrals, more balls will be added. They're told that if at any point they fall or a ball drops, they're out. The last person left standing is safe from the vote and the rest of the competitors will be headed to tribal council.

Joe is the first out of the game when he steps of his platform. Debbie and Jason follows closely behind him. Michelle, Neal, Scot, Cydney and Aubry each drop out during the second round. During the third round, Julia drops out, leaving a showdown between Nick and Tai. When one of Tai's balls falls off his disk, Nick wins immunity. 


Nick says everything is at stake at this tribal council but he's having fun playing the "pretty girl" because both alliances wants him. Despite his earlier indecision, Nick reveals he's leaning towards siding with the Brawns and taking out one of the Brains.

Nick tells Michelle they’re going with Brawn. He says its their best option because they’re manipulative “idiots” and he can beat them at a puzzle. He say he likes Aubry, but she’s going home at tribal council. Nick says they’re going to lie to the Brains that they’re siding with them and then blindside them during the vote. 

Meanwhile, Debbie tells Aubry she wants to take Scot or Jason out. Scot tells his alliance he's hoping Neal gets paranoid and plays his immunity idol and Aubry gets sent home.

Doctor Visit

In a surprising twist, Jeff, concerned by the contestants' cuts, shows up to camp with a doctor. While the professional gives Tai, Scot and Aubry (she is put on antibiotics) a clean bill of health, he asks to examine Neal privately. After checking out his two cuts the doctor pulls him from the game, saying his knee infection is very dangerous due its proximity to a joint. Neal, a 15-year fan of the show, gets emotional when he hears the news. 

neal survivor Neal's infection caused him to be eliminated from “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” in Wednesday's Season 32 installment. Photo: CBS

Jeff tells Neal, who is the second Season 32 contestant to be eliminated for a medical reason, he will be sent to the hospital but will be able to participate in the tribal council vote. With Neal sent packing, Jeff says the castaways are safe from tribal council for the evening. Neal leaves the island without passing on his immunity idol, much to Aubry's dismay. 

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