The “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” teams continued their quest to be the one, remaining survivor in episode 2 of CBS' “Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty” Wednesday. Find out which team won the immunity challenge in Season 32’s “Kindergarten Camp” and which group was sent to the tribal council.


After the Brawn tribe sent home Darnell in the premiere, the remaining five members return to camp. Alicia says she’s going to step up her game but is "confused" because she heard her team talking negatively about her at tribal council. Jason, Jennifer and Scott tell the cameras Alicia will likely be sent home next.

Immunity Idol

After starting his search for the immunity idol in episode 1, Tai starts looking for the idle again when his Beauty tribe members aren’t looking. He finds a clue inside a tree which tells him the idol is buried. When he digs, he finds a second clue which says he will need a key. He decides to “bite the bullet” and climb the palm tree to get the key. Halfway up, he struggles. When he realizes he’s been gone too long he decides to go back another day. After the fact, Tai says he’s going to lay low for awhile and decides to use his “charm” to connect with his tribe.


The Brawn tribe struggles to make a fire and can’t cook or drink water. While the rest of the tribe opts to take a nap, Alicia says she will continue to try until she “sees flames" in order to prove she deserves to stay in the game.

After five hours of trying, Alicia manages to get a few sparks. Jennifer notices Alicia’s contribution and says it saved them. Scot says the food and water the fire gave them it will ultimately make his team stronger.

Immunity Challenge

Host Jeff Probst announces the tribes will be competing in race down river to retrieve a heavy log. They will then have carry the heavy log through a series of obstacles. To finish, they must untie a rope from the log and use it work a slingshot and shoot down two targets. 

Beauty finishes first and gets immunity, an “ultimate” fishing kit and a boat back at camp. While the Brain tribe lags behind in the first half of the game, they manage to get second-place and a smaller fishing kit. Brawn finishes lash and is told they goes back to the tribal council for the second time in a row.

Broken Promises, New Alliances

Back at camp, Brawn is disappointed with the loss. Scot says he would be “shocked” if his tribe turns and decides to keep Alicia. Jason says Alicia is a “ditz and a half” and “dumb” and “useless” and they need to get rid of her.

After Alicia goes on an unsuccessful search for an immunity idol, Jennifer approaches her. Revealing she's no longer a fan of Jason's attitude, Jennifer tells Alicia the smartest move she could make in the game is to send home the strongest players. Jennifer brings up the idea of an all-girls alliance and Cydney is also made aware.

When Jason gets suspicious the girls are planning an alliance behind his back, Scot approaches Jennifer. Jennifer tells the cameras she’s confused about what to do because she doesn’t want to blindside Scot. 

Tribal Council

jennifer-lanzetti Brawn tribe member Jennifer made a scene at tribal council in "Survivor: Kaoh Rong" episode 2 and was voted off. Photo: NBC

At tribal council, it is revealed that Jennifer was planning to back out of her original alliance. When Jason and Scott are taken aback by her plan, Jennifer accuses Alicia of coming up with the all-girl alliance idea and says it would be a foolish to vote out one of the two men. She later asks for forgiveness and tells her teammates she thinks their original alliance, which included everyone but Alicia, could go far in the game.  

Scot says Jennifer is the best for the team physically and votes in Alicia. However, Jennifer gets the majority of votes, with three tribe members voting for her, and is sent home. 

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