The Gen X and Millennials tribes were split up, another immunity idol was discovered and one player became the fifth to be voted out of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” Wednesday night. Find out what went down on Season 33, episode 5, “Idol Search Party.”

Gen X Aftermath

David tells his tribe they can be mad at him for using his immunity idol to save Jessica and sending home Lucy, but they all claim they’re not upset. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Ken she’s sorry she didn’t trust him about the tribe wanting her out and decides to inform him about her secret legacy advantage. She says if she were to go home, she would have gifted the legacy to him. Ken says he will give Jessica his “full trust” after her reveal.

Idol Search

With the immunity idol back up for grabs at Gen X’s camp, several players go looking for the idol in broad daylight. David says he feels “empowered” knowing what to look for the second time around but worries about others seeing him potentially find one. During the tribe’s search, David finds his tribe’s symbol on a log and waits for Cece and Sunday to leave the area before securing his second immunity idol of the game.

Two Becomes Three...

Two tribes become three during a meeting when host Jeff Probst tells the players to “drop their buffs.” A random swap combines Gen X and Millennial players. Vanua, the orange team, is sent to Millennial beach, while Takali, the purple team, is sent to Gen X beach. Those who get a green buff are told they are joining the Ikabula tribe, which means they will be going to an all-new beach and have to “start from scratch.” Jeff announces Ikabula will have one extra tribe member to help offset the extra work.

new tribes survivor The Gen X and Millennial tribes were split into three separate teams on Wednesday’s “Survivor.” Photo: CBS

The new tribes are:

Takali (purple)- Taylor, Jessica, Ken, Adam 

Vanua (orange)- Cece, Chris, David, Zeke, Michelle

Ikabula (green)- Michaela, Sunday, Hannah, Jay, Will, Bret

Michaela is immediately unhappy with the switch and tells Jeff he made a mistake. Taylor is ecstatic to be remaining with his love interest, Figgy. Meanwhile, Zeke worries about being outnumbered on Vanua.

Love Pains

Figgy tells Taylor she doesn’t want their relationship out in the open in their new tribe as it will paint a target on their backs. Taylor disagrees and says being a power couple is no different than having an alliance. Adam calls being stuck in a tribe with the couple his “worst nightmare.” He says Figgy will likely try to fool everyone they’re not an item but it likely won’t last due to Taylor’s desire to make their romance public.

New Alliances

Ken immediately connects with Adam and says he feels like he hit the “jackpot” with him on his tribe. When Adam informs Ken he tried to get out Figgy in the beginning, Ken tells him he’ll have his back in the game.

Chris and Zeke also bond on their tribe when they discover they’re both from Oklahoma. Zeke says Chris was among the champion football players he used to idolize as a child. When Chris tells him he wants to work with him, Zeke says he feels as if he’s finally getting a break in the game. Michelle, however, worries about her game with her alliance gone following the merger.

Michaela Saves The Day

Over at the green tribe, the players struggle to create a fire and are both starving and thirsty. When Jay gives up on creating a fire, Michaela gives it a try and gets it. Michaela is emotional about her success and has to step away for a moment. She says her ultimate goal is to prove you can have success and a family. When she returns to camp, Bret congratulates her for saving the day and says she should be proud of herself.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff announces immunity will be up for grabs for two teams. The tribes are tasked with swimming underwater and grabbing a buoy, which they then must transfer to a platform. Once all five buoys are collected, he tells them they have a choice to throw the buoys in hopes of land them into a floating basket or take their time to rope the basket and bring it closer to the platform, therefore making it easier to score.

The purple team gets all of their buoys first and they decide to pull the basket in closer. The green team gets their buoys second and also moves in the basket. Michaela brings home a big win for her tribe by getting all five balls into the basket, giving them immunity. Ken also scores, winning his tribe second-place and sending Vanua to tribal council.

Who Won: Ikabula (first) and Takali (second)


Back at camp, Vanua agrees they didn’t do well during the challenge. Cece says it feels like a recurring nightmare going back to tribal again but says the silver-lining is she’s no longer on the bottom with the Millennials being the minority. When Chris, David and Cece talk, they agree to vote out Michelle.

When Chris later approaches David, he reveals he has a different plan in mind: to vote out Cece. David says he’s unsure of the move but needs to have his tribe trust him again. Chris goes on to tell Michelle and Zeke they’re both safe, but Michelle doesn’t take his word for it. Michelle tries to sell herself to Cece and convince her to get David the boot, but Cece doesn’t take the bait.

Cece lets David know Michelle was gunning for him and he says he doesn’t trust her for secretly trying to target him. David worries that with Cece gone, he may become the lowest on the totem pole. He considers using his second immunity idol on Cece and voting out Michelle.

Tribal Council

Chris says he needs help from the Millennials going forward and Cece admits hearing about his bond with Zeke makes her concerned, and rightly so. With three votes, Cece becomes the fifth person voted out of “Survivor.” Michelle only received one vote. Cece tells the cameras she was, of course, blinded by her elimination and says she thinks David and Chris will lose.

Eliminated: Cece, Vanua (formerly Gen X)

Cece Survivor Cece was blindsided by her tribe and voted out on episode 5 of “Survivor.” Photo: CBS