The cast of "Survivor" Season 31 has not been a mystery. At the end of the post-finale cast reunion show for Season 30, host Jeff Probst announced the 20 veteran castaways from previous seasons who would be returning for “Survivor: Cambodia -- Second Chance.” The roster was chosen by the fans, who voted from a list of 32 former players with the 10 highest male and female vote-getters nabbing the spots. However, now CBS, courtesy of an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, has announced the two tribes for the Cambodia conquest. How do the teams stack up?

Here are the two tribes for "Survivor" Season 31, listed with each castaways' age, original season and the number of challenges he or she won in his or her original season:


  • Joe Anglim (26 years old) -- Season 30, Worlds Apart (8 challenges won)
  • Jeremy Collins (37 years old) -- Season 29, San Juan del Sur (12 challenges won)
  • Ciera Eastin (26 years old) -- Season 27, Blood vs Water (4 challenges won)
  • Stephen Fishbach (36 years old) -- Season 18, Tocantins (7 challenges won)
  • Tasha Fox (38 years old) -- Season 28, Cagayan (6 challenges won)
  • Kimmi Kappenberg (42 years old) -- Season 2, The Australian Outback (5 challenges won)
  • Kass McQuillen (42 years old) -- Season 28, Cagayan (4 challenges won)
  • Keith Nale (54 years old) -- Season 29, San Juan del Sur (12 challenges won)
  • Monica Padilla (31 years old) -- Season 19, Samoa (9 challenges won)
  • Andrew Savage (51 years old) -- Season 7, Pearl Islands (4 challenges won)

Ta Keo

  • Vytas Baskauskas (35 years old) -- Season 27, Blood vs Water (3 challenges won)
  • Spencer Bledsoe (23 years old) -- Season 28, Cagayan (9 challenges won)
  • Terry Deitz (55 years old) -- Season 12, Panama (15 challenges won)
  • Abi-Maria Gomes (35 years old) -- Season 25, Philippines (9 challenges won)
  • Yung “Woo” Hwang (31 years old)  -- Season 28, Cagayan (11 challenges won)
  • Peih-Gee Law (37 years old) -- Season 15, China (6 challenges won)
  • Shirin Oskooi (32 years old) -- Season 30, Worlds Apart (7 challenges won)
  • Jeff Varner (49 years old) -- Season 2, The Australian Outback (6 challenges won)
  • Kelley Wentworth (28 years old) -- Season 29, San Juan del Sur (6 challenges won)
  • Kelly Wiglesworth (37 years old) -- Season 1, Borneo (10 challenges won)

Here are a few stray observations from the new tribes:

1. Bayon is the slightly older tribe with a mean age of 38.3 years of age. Ta Keo is slightly younger with a mean age of only 36.2 years. 

2. Retired U.S. Navy polit Terry Deitz, who appeared in Season 12 (Panama), is the oldest player in the game. The youngest, at 23 years old, is economics student Spencer Bledson from Chicago, who appeared in Season 28 (Cagayan). The pair are both on the Ta Keo tribe. 

3. As usual in "Survivor," each tribe is divided evenly in terms of gender, with each tribe consisting of five men and five women.

4. In terms of "Survivor" age, the Bayon tribe has the more recent experience. The mean of the Bayon tribe members' original season numbers is 21.7, while the average season number for the Ta Keo tribe is 19.7.

Survivor Terry Deitz (pictured) enters "Survivor" Season 31 as the oldest player in the game, as well as the player with the most previous challenge wins. Photo: CBS

5. Ta Keo would seem to have the slight advantage in challenges. The Ta Keo castaways averaged 8.2 challenge wins a piece in their respective original seasons, while the average for the Banyon tribe was only 7.1 challenges. Terry Deitz comes into Season 31 with the most challenge wins at 15, while Vytas Baskauskas has the least with just three.

6. Season 28, Cagayan, has the most contestants in the game with 4 (Fox, McQuillen, Bledsoe, and Hwang). The subsequent Season 29 is second with three castaways (Collins, Nale, and Wentworth). With Shirin Oskooi and Joe Anglim from Season 30 and Cierra Eastin and Baskauskas also joining the fray, more than half of the Season 31 castaways are from the last four seasons. It seems "Survivor" fans who voted for the tribes had short memories. 

"Survivor" returns to CBS Wednesday, Sep. 23 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS. Who will win Season 31? Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9GarofaloTV