Suspect Detection Systems Inc. is involved in developing innovative homeland security, military intelligence, and law enforcement advanced technologies. These technologies are based on extensive intelligence and counter-terrorism expertise accumulated in Israel and elsewhere around the globe.

Suspect Detection System’s first product, COGNITO, is designed to identify the malicious intent of criminals and terrorists in various settings and scenarios. The company’s founder, Shabtai Shoval, first got his idea from watching the science fiction movie – Vanilla Sky – where in a futuristic world it was possible to identify criminals before they commit crimes, on the basis on their intentions.

After consulting friends in the Israeli Security Agency, the Israel police, and the high-tech industry, who were familiar with polygraphs, terrorism, software, and police investigations, Mr. Shoval concluded that it was possible to detect criminal and terroristic acts before they actually occur from their behavior.

How is it possible, in effect, to read a person’s thoughts? The only method available that makes this possible to a certain extent is the polygraph. Suspect Detection System’s technology utilizes the principles of a polygraph but their system is not meant to be a polygraph.

Founder and CEO, Shabtai Shoval explains, “The first reason is that the polygraph is designed to spot a lie. But a terrorist is trained to persuade himself that he is not lying, and his concept of a lie isn’t always the same as that of the person conducting the test. It’s a cultural thing. Our system therefore doesn’t try to catch a lie, but the fear of being caught.”

Suspect Detection Systems intends to use their advanced technologies to help civilian and military authorities combat terrorism and criminal activities around the globe.

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