Suspect Detection Systems Inc., a company focused on developing counterterrorism and crime prevention technology, announced today that it has installed the first Cogito(TM) system in Guatemala. The installation was completed for a leading human resources company specializing in client security. The company will use the technology for pre-employment screening, employee integrity checks, and fraud prevention.

Cogito, developed by Suspect Detection Systems’ subsidiary, is an automated interrogation system designed to detect the hostile intent of suspected criminals and terrorists. With a number of applications, the system is particularly useful for pre-employment and employee screening, fraud prevention, police interrogation, and military intelligence collection. Cogito can also be easily deployed to detect terrorists or smugglers at checkpoints and border crossings.

The Guatemalan company serves service specific customers at a leading commercial enterprise in Guatemala. Employees hired through the human resources company will now be screened using the proprietary Cogito Employment Screening Methodology (CESM). According to the press release, all employees will be submitted to random Cogito testing four times a year.

CESM is a proprietary methodology that provides employers with the ability to detect fraud, disloyal or hostile employees, as well as “moles” working for competing businesses or organized crime rings. CESM has been implemented within multiple organizations in several countries throughout the world, helping reduce the volume of hostile activities.

“We are excited for this first opportunity to demonstrate the value Cogito can offer the private sector with this sale in Guatemala,” stated Shabtai Shoval, CEO of SDS Ltd. “We are confident that the Cogito system will grant our customer’s businesses a more secure and trustworthy employment environment that will directly impact the bottom line of their profit and loss sheets.”

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