Suspect Detection Systems Inc., a leading developer of counter-terror and crime prevention technology, announced this morning that it has sold a Cogito automated interrogation system to a commercial Diamond Mining Enterprise operating in Africa. The system will be used to screen for employees who may be involved in diamond theft.

To date, the system has been sold to multiple federal law enforcement and military agencies across the world. Cogito has also been purchased by human resource companies and other private enterprises involved in the acquisition, sale and distribution of valuable commodities. According to the press release, the announced sale is the second to a private enterprise in the past two months.

“Diamond theft is a major issue in the diamond mining industry, leaving a sizeable mark on companies’ profit and loss sheets,” said Suspect Detection Systems Ltd. CEO Shabtai Shoval. “Based on the dialogue we had with our customer, we were able to customize the Cogito system to identify the threat of internal diamond theft. The ability to detect employees involved in criminal activity can lead to a reduction in theft, and acts as a deterrent against future criminal activity.”

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