Suspect Detection Systems Inc. is a developer of proprietary counter-terror and crime prevention technology designed to identify threats in real-time and prevent incidents before they are carried out. The company’s technology detects the hidden ‘hostile intent’ of assailants before they commit their intended acts with a remarkable degree of accuracy.

Suspect Detection Systems recently announced that they have successfully completed a two-year research and development project for the company’s Cognito4M Military Grade Technology. This technology enables military and homeland security organizations to interrogate terror suspects while operating in precarious field conditions.

Cognito4M has been developed to resolve one of the challenges of modern warfare – in particular, the accurate identification and capture of terrorists hiding among collaborating civilians.

The Cognito4M is designed to be easily carried into the field and assembled. The automated interrogation system can be operated by a single soldier with very basic computer training and without knowledge of interrogation techniques or local languages. The system is presently programmed to use English, Spanish, Afgani, Iraqi, Hindi, and Arabic languages and is encoded with data relevant to local terrorists’ cultural knowledge bases.

Company CEO Shabtai Shoval said, “The SDS management team is utilizing extensive security and military combat experience in Israel to counter terrorists’ knowledge and behavior patterns. We are leveraging this expertise to create state-of-the-art military grade interrogation technology that aids the war on terror and saves lives.”