Suspect Detection Systems has established a team of individuals that have accumulated tremendous experience and expertise in the development of advanced algorithms as well as large-scale systems. This team includes researchers, specialists and professionals from a variety of fields including veterans of Israeli security agencies (GSA and Mossad), US law enforcement agencies, the academic world and the high-tech industry.

Founder and President Mr. Drukman retains over 8 years of senior management experience in the high-tech, telecom and security markets. His professional background includes the position of Vice President Sales of Nice Systems Intelligence Solution Division (NASDAQ: NICE). Mr. Durkman has also served at COMVERSE - TVGate Division (NASDAQ: CMVT) as Vice President for Sales & Marketing.

Founder and CEO Mr. Shoval has accumulated 15+ years of senior management experience in the high-tech and telecom industries. His professional background includes the position of CEO of Comverse TVGate Division (NASDAQ: CMVT), Vice President of Telrad Holding - the investment arm of KOOR INDUSTRIES, President of the Israeli Cable TV Association, and founder of ISDNet. Mr. Shoval has also served on the boards of numerous companies including Exalink, Algorithmic Research Ltd, MED 1, CATV companies and others.

Founder and methodology counselor Mr. Horowitz has over three decades of academic and field experience in polygraph theory and practice. He is the former head of the polygraph division of the Israeli Police, a member of the American Polygraph Association and a senior investigator for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Mr. Horowitz earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology at Bar-Ilan University (Israel) and a master’s degree in clinical psychology at the Tel-Aviv University (Israel).

Chief Technology Officer Mr. Peleg developed the basic algorithm underlying the SDS technology. A former senior algorithm engineer for Comverse, he brings more than ten years of experience as a software engineer. Mr. Peleg’s expertise centers on designing and implementing solutions for embedded systems, adapting new technologies and adopting new environments for embedded systems, and developing real-time frameworks and algorithms for DSP technologies.

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