Suspect Detection Systems, Inc. is becoming known around the world for its development of a ground breaking security system that can do what no other security product on the market can do, get inside the mind of a terrorist or criminal. Using the most sophisticated combination of software and hardware available, coupled with years of hard-won field experience, the Israeli company has managed to create a way to identify unique thought processes that can be used as markers for criminal intent.

The approach has decided advantages over methods, such as trying to detect weapons or identify outwardly suspicious behavior, because the main tool of the terrorist, or any criminal, is what they are planning, and that is something that normal preventative tactics cannot recognize. After all, terrorist don’t need to carry guns or explosives on them as they pass through an airport and there may be nothing distinctive about their outward appearance.

SDS bypasses these superficial elements, focusing instead on subtle behavioral and biometric tags that are virtually invisible to an outside observer. In an airport setting, an international passenger would approach the machine, putting their passport on a scanner, and placing their hand on a special sensor. They are then presented with a series of questions, displayed on a screen in the language indicated on the passport, or through earphones if requested. The system uses data from the passenger’s ID, and combines it with the response and biometric data, creating a quick but surprisingly accurate profile of the person. More importantly, the system has been shown to effectively identify possible deceptive intent. The whole process only takes 3 minutes, and the passenger receives either a transfer printout authorizing them to move on, or an announcement that they will require further questioning.

Tests consistently show the effectiveness of the system, correctly spotting hostile intent, with relatively few false alarms. And, although originally designed to detect terrorists, the system is already in use in a variety of public and commercial settings around the world, showing its ability to be applied in almost any environment requiring security checks.

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