Recently, Suspect Detection Systems Inc. announced the introduction of their new commercial product, the Cogito Data Center. Cogito DC is a central knowledgebase and control server that serves as an analytical back office to the Cogito Rapid Interrogation System. Sales of the Cogito DC unit are projected to begin in 2010.

Cogito DC will enable SDS customers to create a central storage base of examinee data. The interrogation system, designed to collect a vast amount of data with each examination, begins with a scan of the examinees passport or identification card. Next, the system scans unique biometric identification information including fingerprint, eye imaging, and voice signature.

The Cogito DC knowledgebase aggregates and analyzes the interrogation results of all examinees and compares test results of potential suspects from common backgrounds. This then enables interrogators to perform intelligence analysis over the entire scope of collected metadata, which allows accurate identification of individuals who have already passed through the system. This capability aids law enforcement agents and Cogito users to identify changes in the threats posed by potential suspects.

Shabtai Shoval, CEO of SDS Ltd., stated, “SDS has completed its first full year of sales. As our rapid interrogation system has been deployed by law enforcement agents and private enterprises in various countries throughout the world, the perceived success of the system has matured our customers’ needs for upgrading their systems to the next level – a managed networked of test stations with a centralized database and control.”

“As more and more individuals are examined using the Cogito Rapid Interrogation System, the value of accumulated data will grow as well,” Shoval added. “Answering our customers demand for a central data server can have significant impact on SDS’s sales and revenue growth.”

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