Suspect Detection Systems is an Israeli company that specializes in developing innovative homeland security, military intelligence, and law enforcement advance technologies. These technologies are based on extensive intelligence and counter-terrorism know-how accumulated in Israel.

The company’s first advanced product is called “COGITO”, a fully automated system that does not require human control and/or operation. Relying on unique and proprietary software technology, the system is designed to identify malicious intent in various settings and scenarios. The technology emulates an investigator’s modus operandi by incorporating artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms.

All of the company’s COGNITO products are incorporated in an all-in-one test station unit that includes biometric and documentation verification features in addition to the interrogation capabilities. The COGNITO technology enables law enforcement agencies to conduct hundreds of interrogations without actually using professional interrogator interviewers.

The COGNITO system is able to identify terrorists, employees who have hostile intents, collaborators, smugglers and other criminals within minutes. COGNITO systems are already being used by various police forces and armies. The operation of the system is simple and requires only 2 hours of training for someone with basic computer knowledge.

The COGNITO system also has a “back office” which is designed to manage and control either all COGNITO test stations at a given site or even national or global operations. It serves as the central unit that stores all test histories, examinees profiles and biometrics. The “back office” is also responsible for system administration, data distribution and interfacing to external systems and databases.

Suspect Detection Systems’ COGNITO technology gives a boost to law enforcement agencies globally in their war against terrorism and organized crime.

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