Suspect Detection Systems, Inc. has what must seem like a dream machine to many agents in the Department of Homeland Security. Looking like some sort of futuristic phone booth, the SDS product, called Cogito, is an automated system which actually analyzes the occupant, collecting and evaluating a variety of psycho-physiological indicators and cross-referencing them against additional information.

One of the lessons learned from 9/11 is that terrorists don’t have to carry explosives or weapons while traveling or entering a target country. They may not carry anything but themselves and what they are thinking. By using sophisticated 5-minute tests, the system is designed to spot not only terrorists, but smugglers, collaborators, and just about anyone with some sort of criminal objective. Once targeted, a suspect can be directed to further questioning by the appropriate officials.

Beyond homeland security, the system can be used in practically any environment requiring security and evaluation, including military intelligence, law enforcement, and even commercial enterprise applications, detecting employees with hostile intent. The technical solution is comprised of a front-end test station and a back-office where multiple-station and multiple-site data can be stored, managed, and distributed.

Before you write off the idea as one more futile attempt at profiling, generating more controversy than meaningful hits, you should know that the system has been shown to have a false alarm rate of no more than 4%. High false alarm rates have been the death of past attempts at such systems.

The effectiveness of the SDS system is not surprising to those who know the company and its history. Located in Israel, a country with more homeland security experience than anywhere else, Suspect Detection Systems was founded by former senior officials of Israeli security, including the former head of the polygraph division of the Israeli Police, along with senior experts in high technology. The SDS system is based upon knowledge acquired and assimilated from the analysis of thousands of case studies gathered from Israel and around the world, a truly unique and powerful set of information that has been carefully integrated into the system’s complex software algorithm.

SDS sees itself with a life-saving mission: to assist law enforcement agencies all over the world in their war against local and international crime and terrorism. Go to for a video demonstration of the SDS Cogito system.

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