Suspect Detection Systems, Inc., producer of what some consider the world’s most sophisticated criminal/terrorist screening system, is faced with a world of potential applications for its product. The system allows people to be questioned, using sophisticated software and biometrics, to determine possible hostile intent. It consistently achieves a high success rate, with relatively few false alarms.

As such, it can be applied to an almost unlimited range of commercial and government situations; anywhere preliminary screening could provide valuable information.

Potential markets include the following:

• Law Enforcement
- Police
- Customs
- Immigration
- Prison
- Border Control
- Airport Security

• Intelligence
- Internal Security
- Secret Service
- Military Intelligence

• Commercial Enterprises
- Security Companies
- Financial Institutions
- Insurance Agencies
- Diamond Industry
- Critical Infrastucture
- Human Resources
- Oil & Gas Industry
- Casinos

Various configurations of the system are already deployed around the world, including the New York City Police Department, government and law enforcement agencies in India and Mexico, military intelligence units in Israel, diamond mining in South Africa, and employee screening in Central America. In the meantime, many additional markets are being pursued in these countries, as well as in places like China, Europe, and Africa.

It’s no coincidence that the SDS system is flexible enough for deployment on a worldwide stage. The company was founded by former senior officials of Israeli security, along with experts in technology. Israel is used to dealing with threats, both internal and external, involving individuals who could be from almost any country. Years of experience and testing have been carefully packed into the advanced system, and the result is an unmatched security product.

When you have a product that nobody else has, needed in an almost unlimited number of government and commercial environments, the term “optimism” seems conservative.

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