Suspect Detection Systems Inc. operates through its subsidiary Suspect Detection Systems Ltd. to develop counter terrorism and crime prevention technology. The company today announced its subsidiary has sold several units of its Cogito rapid interrogation system to a human resource company with operations in Central America and Mexico.

Cogito is an automated system that detects and exposes hostile motives of potential employees who may be connected to crime organizations, or have a history of criminal activity.

The un-named customer in today’s announced purchase is to an investigative enterprise that was recently established to provide its clients with Cogito-based services. Cogito will be used to conduct pre-employment applicant screenings, internal threat and loss prevention screenings, and corporate internal investigations.

Gil Boosidan, CEO of Suspect Detection, said that the company believes Cogito has the potential to prevent crime and is applicable to the federal and private sectors.

“Cogito technology is once again proving that is valuable not only to federal law enforcement agencies, but also to the private sector,” Boosidan stated in the press release. “We believe that Cogito will prove particularly effective in preventing crime in Central America where criminal activity in the workplace often takes place.”

Though the price tag wasn’t revealed in today’s press release, Suspect Detection said the six-digit down payment has been sent to the company to initiate delivery. The sale was designed as part of a revenue sharing model in which Suspect Detection and the purchaser will divide income generated from each individual screening.

The purchase marks Suspect Detections’ first multiple unit sale to a private enterprise in Central America, though Cogito technology is already being used by federal law enforcement agents in various Latin American countries, including Mexico.

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