Suspect Detection Systems Inc., a leading developer of counterterror and crime prevention technology, announced this morning that it has sold the Cogito4(TM) Mobile Interrogation System to a Federal Law Enforcement Agency in Central Asia. This sale is the first to a federal agency in a nation of the Former Soviet Union.

Using automated Cogito technology, investigative law agencies can rapidly screen and interrogate suspects to detect the hostile intent of suspected criminals and terrorists. Small enough to fit in a handheld suitcase, the mobile system enables interrogation to take place at crime scenes and in the field, in addition to traditional usage at police stations and interrogation rooms.

“The sale of the Cogito system in Central Asia, as well as the sale reported a few weeks ago in Central America, demonstrate the international versatility of SDS products,” stated SDS Ltd. CEO Shabtai Shoval. “COGITO technology has been recently upgraded to operational capacity in over 15 languages, and we look forward to introducing the system in additional countries within the region.”

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