Suspect Detection Systems, Inc., an Israeli based advanced security systems company, has created what some people are calling the most significant development in security since the invention of the polygraph. Their innovative technological offering is seen by some as a truly conceptual leap that promises to significantly affect the nature of both governmental and commercially applied security systems around the world.

The uniqueness of their approach rests on their state-of-the-art behavior pattern recognition technology. Their system, although it incorporates biometric input and analysis, is qualitatively different than a lie detector. Rather, it is a powerful screening and investigation tool designed to identify anyone harboring “hostile intent”. It accomplishes this through a sophisticated combination of software and hardware that is actually self-learning, and identifies anomalies in behavior and response, while taking into consideration subtle differences in reaction patterns related to language and social conventions found in different parts of the world. As a result, it can be used to screen for terrorists on a global basis, but can also be applied to criminal, military, and even commercial security environments.

The system, which comes in a variety of configurations, including mobile units, is based upon years of collected test data from multiple countries, and is uncannily accurate in spotting concealed motives. Although the technology is highly complex, the system itself is largely automated and surprisingly easy to operate. It does not require expert operators or results interpretation, making it easy to deploy.

In a typical airport security deployment, the subject being tested simply sits down, puts their passport on a scanner that reads where they are from, and places their hand on a special sensor that collects biometric data as they are asked a number of questions, presented in their own language through a video/audio interface. The person’s answers, together with the gathered physiological data, create a profile which is instantly analyzed by the system to determine whether further questioning is warranted.

The almost robotic objectivity of the system greatly reduces concerns about ethnic profiling, and is enhanced by elements of the system that are careful to actually filter out bias. It’s another reason that professional security industry watchers have reason to be enthused about the future of both the system and the company.

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