Suspect Detection Systems Inc. (SDSS.OB) develops various technology solutions for homeland security, military intelligence and law enforcement. The company was created by former Israeli security officials and experts who use their combined knowledge and intelligence of counter-terrorism gained in Israel and other parts of the world to develop security technologies.

One of the company’s first products is COGITO, a fully automated system used to scope out various settings and scenarios to identify malicious activity or intent. This innovative system works on its own, without human control or operation, to conduct interrogations that might otherwise take hundreds of man-hours.

COGITO uses cutting-edge recognition technology, including biometric and documentation verification features, as well as artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms, to weed through suspects to identify terrorists, collaborators, smugglers and criminals. Training for the operation of the system takes only two hours, and the system itself operates in just minutes – proving to be efficient as well as cost and time effective.

The system’s “back office” is a central hub that manages all COGNITO test stations, and has the ability to work on a local or global scale as needed. In this central station, the back office stores test histories, examinees profiles, as well as biometric data. System administration, data distribution, interfacing and other related operations are executed through back office.

The rapid technological advancement of our planet has lead to heightened security risks as terrorists and other criminals utilize science to advance their resources and regimes. SDSS continues to lead the charge to fight back, preventing criminal and terrorist activity across the globe.

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