Suspect Detection Systems Ltd. specializes in developing advanced, innovative technologies for the homeland security, military intelligence and law enforcement markets. The technologies are based on extensive counter-terrorism and intelligence know-how accumulated in Israel and elsewhere.

Suspect Detection’s initial product is called COGNITO, which is designed to identify malicious intent on the part of suspects in various settings and scenarios. The company’s system has some similarities to a polygraph, but it is different.

A “suspect” sits inside a kiosk and places their right hand on a sensor that measures blood pressure, pulse and sweat while answering questions which appear on a screen. But unlike a polygraph, the point is not to find out whether the person’s answer to a specific question is a lie, but to instead compare their bodily responses to other people’s and see if and how their response differs from that of innocent people who have answered before them.

Experience has taught Suspect Detection Systems that terrorists will react differently to the questions and certain specific words than would an innocent person. The company’s COGNITO system can pick up on these differences even though the terrorist shows no outward sign of stress or hostility.

The US Transportation Security Agency tried out COGNITO at a Tennessee airport last year. The agency was impressed enough with the results to order more than $200,000 worth of machines for further trials this year.

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