Suspect Detection Systems Ltd. is a developer of proprietary counter-terror and crime prevention technology designed to identify threats in real-time, and prevent incidents before they are carried out. The company’s technology detects the hidden ‘hostile intent’ of assailants, before they commit their intended acts, with remarkable accuracy. The system can also be used after a crime was committed to quickly identify criminals from among a pool of suspects.

Suspect Detention’s technology dubbed Cognito looks for patterns of behavior that indicate something that all terrorists have – the fear of being caught. The company’s technology is based on Israeli security experiences and, in effect, attempts to mechanize Israel’s vaunted airport-security process by using algorithms, artificial-intelligence software and polygraph principles.

The system combines questions and biometric measurements to see if a passenger should undergo further screening by security officials. Of course, most people have legitimate reasons for their behavior and over 80% of those approached for further questioning are quickly dismissed. If suspicions remain, the traveler is interviewed at greater length by a screener with more specialized training.

Authorities are convinced that beyond hunting for weapons brought on board airliners, the battle for security lies in identifying dangerous passengers. The fact that Security Detection Systems Cognito technology is being accepted around the world indicates that a major push is under way to combat terrorists and criminals using sophisticated technology.

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