A man was fatally shot by police after he went on a shooting rampage in the Midwestern state of Ohio on Sunday killing seven people to include an 11 year old.

Police said the man shot his girlfriend first inside a home on Sunday in Copley, a small quiet town about 40 miles kilometers south of Cleveland. Copley Township has about 14,000 people.

He then went to a house next door and shot the woman's brother and four other people, accoridng to Voice of America, before proceeding to chase two people through several yards and shot one of them before entering a house to shoot the final victim.

The man was then killed after he left the house and exchnaged fire with police.

When police got to the scene, they saw the gunman running and pursued him, after which the suspect "engaged the officers in gunfire and the suspect has been killed as well," Copley Police Chief Michael Mier told the media.

Mier said the death toll could rise to nine, as another badly wounded victim was taken to hospital.