American Suzuki Motor Corp. (ASMC) launched the Kizashi™ Ring of Fire racing game app, bringing it on both the iPad and iPhone as a free download from the App Store for the holidays.

With this launch, Suzuki is reported to promote the all-new Kizashi sport car with the company's intercontinental road trip from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

The Kizashi™ Ring of Fire racing game app offers consumers a virtual opportunity to experience the Kizashi sport sedan on four tracks inspired by the adventurous Tokyo to L.A. road trip, said Jeff Holland, associate director of public relations and social media of American Suzuki.

The app also becomes the first commercial racing game driven by Brass Monkey remote control technology that debuted at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Suzuki's new app further positions the company as an innovator in the digital space among other automakers, and is a great download for those receiving iPhones and iPads this holiday season, said Holland.

The app for iPad and iPhone is a single player racing game that combines both world-class design and high performance.

Players experience the Kizashi in four fantasy track locations – Tokyo, Siberia, Alaska and Los Angeles – locations recently visited on the Tokyo to L.A.: The Hard Way road trip.

In the game, players race the 2011 Kizashi SE on the first two tracks and the 2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport GTS on the more challenging third and fourth track.

To increase the experience, the app uses the iPad and iPhone motion sensors for dynamic steering.

On the other hand Brass Monkey remote control technology enables users to turn their iPad or iPhone into a virtual steering wheel.

The player connects the device to a computer via WiFi connection and controls the vehicle in the online game.

“The Kizashi™ Ring of Fire is fun on its own, but steering the car with your iPad or iPhone as a controller really makes it an immersive experience. It's almost as if you are driving the actual Kizashi, because the mechanics are very similar to using a real steering wheel,” said Chris Allen, President and CTO of Brass Monkey.