Attention Suzuki car owners-- two models from popular car maker are being recalled this week due to safety issues.

According to a press release from the Japanese automaker via a report from the Associated Press Saturday, a recall has been issued for two of their vehicles, the Grand Vitara SUV and the Suzuki SX4 small cars. “Suzuki is recalling 193,936 cars and SUVs because of a defective air bag sensor in the front passenger seat,” said a statement from the company, who confirmed the defective sensors could cause passenger airbags to deploy for both unweight minors and adults in the case of an emergency.

The vehicles included in the car maker’s recall, the Grand Vitara SUVS 2006 through 2011 models and the Suzuki SX4 small cars 2007 through 2011 models' mats, reportedly become faulty due to “repeated flexing." "Sensor mats measure passengers' weight and determine if the air bag should deploy. Determining who sits in the seat is important because the force of an air bag can injure children or small adults,” said the press release, adding, “The mats can stop working after repeated flexing. If that happens, the bag will deploy even if a small person is in the seat.”

Despite issuing the recall, Suzuki claims no incident or injuries have been reported in connection with the defective airbag sensors. Car owners will be notified by Suzuki starting in Oct. According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, customers affected by the recall will reportedly be issued OSC sensors mats and assembly of the front passenger seat cushion assembly by dealers free of charge. Reportedly, all parts needed to properly fix all recalled vehicles are unavailable.

Suzuki customer service can be reached at: 1-800-255-2550.

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