Swedish police have identified the suspected suicide bomber as Iraqi-born Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly. According to local media reports he was allegedly carrying a backpack and rug sack with bombs and explosives strapped around his waist.

We have identified the man who blew himself up, to 98%, Chief Prosecutor Thomas Lindstrand said.

Meanwhile, the police also suspect that the bomber was heading towards the Central station in Stockholm before the bombing. Lindstrand said that the bomber had a lot of explosive material on him and was aiming at creating as much chaos and hurt as many people as possible. He also maintained that one of the devices could have exploded accidentally which resulted in his death. Abdulwahab reportedly had 12 pipe bombs strapped to him.

The 28-year-old came to the town of Tranas in Southern Sweden from Baghdad in 1992. He later moved to England in 2001 to reportedly study physical therapy at Bedfordshire University. British police, on Monday, searched a house in Southern England's Luton, where he lived earlier.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported that Abdulwahab, a devout Sunni muslim, could have been indoctrinated by extremists in the UK. He married a Swedish woman from Middle East and had three children. Abdulwahab's youngest son was born this summer. The news reports also stated that he returned to Tranas a month ago and even met his parents the day before the attacks.

On the dating website muslima.com, Abdulwahab posted, In the future, I am looking to move to an Arabic country and settle down there. He was also a strong believer of jannah (paradise). On his profile page on the social networking website facebook he expressed discontent over views on the war in Iraq and urged a boycott of Denmark for publishing the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. His favorite pages on the site included 'Yawm al-Qiyaamah', the Islamic 'Day of Resurrection'. The profile was deleted on Monday. A facebook page entitled RIP Taimour Abdulwahab our brother and friend has also been set up.

According to the newspaper Expressen he reportedly posted a status update on facebook a couple of weeks ago that said, God take my life when you are pleased with me. God I dedicate all my deeds to you. God keep me away from falsehood.

Two explosions rocked the city's busiest shopping areas on Saturday evening. A car packed with gas canisters exploded in the city center near Drottninggatan, and minutes later a second explosion was heard on the same street. One person was killed on the spot while two others sustained minor injuries. Police suspect that the deceased could have been a suicide bomber and was and the attacks were aimed at Christmas shoppers in the area.