The Swiss government said on Wednesday it has full confidence in central bank Chairman Philipp Hildebrand, who has came under scrutiny following revelations of sensitively timed currency trades by his wife.

The Federal Council, which elects the governing board of the Swiss National Bank, said it had received information from an unnamed party on foreign exchange transactions conducted during 2011, although it declined to release details and said it had no documents relating to the transactions.

Hildebrand's wife Kashya, a former trader who owns a Zurich art gallery, bought dollars three weeks before the central bank capped the Swiss franc, data leaked by the employee of a private bank showed.

The council said it had instructed Switzerland's audit office to examine the bank accounts of Hildebrand and his family members, but found no evidence of problematic transactions revealing use of insider information.

The Federal Council has no reason to question the validity of the audit findings and has expressed its full confidence in Mr. Hildebrand, it said in a statement.

(Reporting by Martin de Sa'Pinto; Editing by John Stonestreet)