Release Explanation: Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW) Expectations determines institutional investor sentiment regarding the economic outlook. The monthly indicator reflects the difference between the share of investors that expect further improvement of economic conditions and those that expect growth to decrease.

Trade Desk Thoughts: The Zew Indicator for Switzerland, gauging analysts’ economic expectations, remained mostly unchanged in March. However, the indicator for the assessment of the current economic situation in Switzerland continued to worsen in March. The respective indicator drops 11.8 points and also reaches the minus 57.1 mark.

Inflation expectations remained almost unchanged at a low level, with 61.2 percent of survey participants continuing to predict that consumer prices will decline in the medium term.

Within the scope of this month's special question, the financial market analysts were asked to convey their assessment regarding the significance and future of bank client secrecy in Switzerland. According to the results, the analysts regard the stability of the Swiss financial realm as the greatest competitive advantage, followed by the country's international standing 

Forex Technical Reaction: The swissy had a limited reaction to the news release. Moreover, the Swiss franc traded flat against the dollar and the euro during the overnight session