Today, SwissINSO Holding Inc. announced the launch of the company’s unique solar solution to combat an increasing number of worldwide drinking water shortages. The water purification units, powered by solar energy, employ cost-effective and cutting-edge patented technologies to achieve their end result. The units’ performance capacity and life expectancy far surpass other solutions due to innovative reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology.

The technology is environmentally friendly and the units are self-sufficient, whose operation does not require pulling power from local grids. In regions of the world where reliable electricity supplies are either unavailable or insufficient, this aspect greatly benefits the user. The product can also provide water to populations stricken with humanitarian crises, such as natural disasters, in which lack of water can quickly become a matter of life or death.

The units are completely turn-key and self-contained in two 40 ft. containers and can be fitted with an optional automatic bottling line. The product, available in a number of configurations, is capable of purifying seawater into 100,000 liters / day of high quality drinking water, 200,000 liters / day of brackish water and 500,000 liters / day spoiled water.

Dr. Yves Ducommun, CEO of SwissINSO, commented, “Our solar water purification product uses a breakthrough technology that allows us to not only address the growing critical global problem of access to drinkable water whilst using clean, renewable energy through solar power, but to do it at the same time with the most efficient and durable technical solution. We believe this to be a very pertinent and compelling proposition in the context of renewable energy and sustainable development. We are currently assembling the first unit to produce 100,000 liters of high purity drinking water from brackish water. We are also actively building our network of distributors around the world.”