One of the more unique companies to catch the eyes of investors of late is SwissINSO. A young corporation located in Lausanne, Switzerland, SwissINSO utilizes its intellectual property assets to provide environmentally friendly innovative solar energy solutions and related technology to meet the many growing global needs.

SwissINSO has a mission to become a world leader in turn-key solutions using renewable energy for the purification and desalination of water and the air of cooling buildings. To reach this goal and continue to grow in the marketplace, SwissINSO took a major step towards enhancing its future with the appointment of Suhail Saad to its Board of Directors.

Saad has earned a reputation as a talented global executive. With over three decades of experience and success, Saad was previously Global Head of Business Development & M & A for Gallaher PLC. Gallaher is a $14.5 billion conglomerate which is based in London and Saad personally led over 50 initiatives which resulted in approximately $4 billion in acquisitions.

Fluid in a number of languages and holding an intuitive understanding of business cultures across the globe, Saad will be a welcomed addition to SwissINSO and brings a tremendous amount of credibility to the growing company.

Leading the way at SwissINSO is their CEO Dr. Yves Ducommun. When asked what the addition of Ducommun means to SwissINSO, Ducommun was quoted as saying, “Mr. Saad is a significant addition to the SwissINSO team. His proven leadership skills, broad talents, vast business development experience and deep industry contacts will be immensely valuable to our company going forward. We are pleased to have persons of such caliber working with us.”
Currently, SwissINSO is trading in the $1.74 range and has continually produced positive news. With an aggressive business structure and leaders such as Ducommun and Saad at the helm, SwissINSO may grow into a true global power in the near future.

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