Synergy Resources Corporation has completed its drilling program in Weld County, Colorado, announcing finalization of the initial seven wells. Synergy, whose corporate offices are in Platteville, Colorado, is an up-and-coming exploration and production company for domestic oil and natural gas. The majority of the company’s footprint consists of the Denver-Julesburg Basin, which includes the 7th largest gas reserve field in the U.S.

According to the wireline and drillpipe logging data from Halliburton on the Meyer #3, 5, 6, and 8 wells drilled by Synergy, excellent log response was achieved for both of the primary targets: the Codell formation and all three benches of the Niobara formation. Production casing for these four wells has been set and tank battery construction is underway.

The Meyer #2, 4 and 7 wells, in addition to the aforementioned targets, also targeted the J-Sand formation. With Halliburton’s logs again detailing excellent penetration and uptake for the Codell/Niobara pay zones, and an overall good log response for the J-Sand on each of the three wells, production casing has been set to cover all five of the pay zones on these wells and tank construction has begun.

The natural gas on the Meyer lease will be bought up by DCP, which is in the process of finalizing right-of-way for its pipelines so that it can begin immediate construction. The wells will be fracture stimulated and production will begin after completion of the pipeline, which DCP projects for Nov, 09.

Synergy will operate all seven Meyer wells and retain a 62.5% working interest in #3, 5, 6, 7 and 8, 43.875% working interest in #4, and 31.25% working interest in #2. The remainder of working interest will be divided variously among the following companies: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Sundance Energy Australia Limited, and Francis Energy, and Petroleum Exploration and Management LLC.