Synology America Corp. has released its new Network Attached Storage (NAS) server -- DS1511+, a successor to their popular DS1010+ server model.

The new five-bay NAS will accept up to two DX510 expansion units for a total of up to 15 drives. Using 3 terabyte (TB) drives yields up to 45TB of storage, Synology said in a statement.

The DiskStation (DS) provides features such as easy file sharing, scheduled backups, remote access, and centralized management.

The device, whose RAM Size can be expandable up to 3GB, is also capable of hosting up to 30 websites through its built-in web server and can be used as an add-on email server.

Meanwhile, remote access has been further enhanced with apps available for free on Android and iPhone smartphone platforms.

The new DiskStation runs Synology's DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.0 operating system and is priced under $900.

DSM 3.0 offers users an intuitive desktop-like interface to simplify access to the DiskStation, whether locally or remotely.  With its user-friendly Storage Manager and Synology Hybrid RAID, users can quickly and easily create redundant volumes, Synology said.

The device supports RAID configurations, such as RAID 5, that balance storage space, data safety, and performance. In a RAID 5 configuration, the DS1511+ can write the drives at a rate 165.91 MB/sec, and reads them at 197.8 MB/sec.

RAID, an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a technology that provides increased storage functions and reliability through redundancy, combining multiple disk drives components into a logical unit where all drives in the array are interdependent.

RAID is now used as an umbrella term for computer data storage schemes that can divide and replicate data among multiple disk drives.

The server also enables ADS integration, allowing use of existing domain users and groups for domains up to 100,000 users and groups. Access control lists (ACLs) allow file-level privilege control using NTFS-style permissions.

The DS1511+ also includes Surveillance Station 5, turning it into an affordable NVR (network video recorder) solution quickly. Surveillance Station 5 offers a unified interface for multiple cameras, and supports over 700 models of IP camera.

The DS1511+ comes with a 3-year warranty and in-house technical support at no extra cost.

Synology Inc, founded in April 2000, is a Taiwanese company that produces network attached storage appliances for the small office/home office and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.