California-based T3 Motion Inc. is a leader in cost-effective, clean technology electric vehicles. The company’s revolutionary T3 series electric standup vehicle has been selected as a product finalist for TechAmerica Orange County’s 17th Annual High-Tech Innovation Awards. The winners of the awards will be announced on June 2, 2010.

The T3 Series ESV is deployed worldwide in a broad range of applications. The vehicle delivers impressive benefits in terms of significant energy cost savings, reduction of carbon footprints, increased productivity and enhanced community relations. The T3 series has brought significant reductions in its carbon footprint worldwide through its extremely, energy-efficient, electric vehicle design when compared to traditional vehicles.

In fact, a major US shopping mall property management company has deployed some 100 T3 Series ESVs nationwide and expects to see its carbon footprint reduced by over 5 tons annually. T3 Motion estimates that this customer will also save $3.2 million over three years by replacing dozens of gasoline-powered vehicles.

The environmentally friendly, zero-gas-emission vehicles include and integrated LED lighting system. The vehicles can be run for less than 10 cents per day without requiring downtime. This is due to the vehicle’s two rechargeable, lightweight batteries (power modules) that can be easily swapped out while in use for continual deployment and an unlimited range.

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