A YouTube video showing an 18-month-old baby, perched on a table tennis table expertly swatting balls back at his dad, has taken the internet by storm.

Talented Jamie Myskova-Buddel, who is yet to talk, has wowed viewers with his impressive ping pong skills which include a remarkable range of backhands and smashes, while maintaining a calm composure all throughout.

The 90-second clip has been viewed over 630,000 times in just four days, since his parents uploaded the video around mid-January, Daily Mail reported.

Little Jamie seems to have acquired the gift from his parents Kevin Buddell and Marketa Myskova, who are both experienced table tennis players themselves.

Jamie seemed to pick it up naturally after he started playing with a table tennis ball and it wasn't long before he was hitting it with a bat, Buddell said in statement on the Web site.

We put him on the table and he loved hitting the ball back - he has got great hand-eye co-ordination, the proud father added.

The Plymouth-based family is now in demand to make an appearance on many talk shows, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The table tennis prodigy is certainly on his way to greatness, with dad on his side. Meanwhile, check on Little Jamie in action!