Table Trac, – a top provider of full spectrum casino information and management system solutions to help automate/monitor operations via real-time situational awareness, reported that as of today a Member of the Board of Directors is now the Company’s new Executive VP.

The appointment to this important position, which will report directly to the President and CEO of TBTC, Chad Hoehne, comes as little surprise because Mr. Goulet has an impressive 16-year track record in the industry as a marketing tactician who can really move gaming equipment:

• Corporate Director of Research – Intralot (since 2008), a global leader in gaming systems, where he drove market share to new heights, nearly doubling the number of gaming jurisdictions
• Senior VP – Multimedia Games, head of marketing and gaming research into core tribal/commercial space in Alabama, New York, Oklahoma and Washington
• Former Executive – Gtech Corporation, gaming and services-focused company; Market Strategies; Republican National Committee
• Member of the Editorial Advisory Board – Casino Journal, a leading industry publication
• Graduate – New York Institute of Technology

Hoehne characterized Goulet as an “outstanding strategic addition”, commenting on the depth that his vast experience from throughout the gaming industry brings to the management team, and citing the crucial role Goulet has played time and again in expanding market share for various companies by improving the suite of offerings to customers while nurturing customer relationships.

Goulet pledged to bring the full force of his potential to bear on his duty to expand sales and marketing initiatives, while maintaining a laser-like focus on bringing TBTC’s array of offerings into alignment in order to increase the overall value to customers and profit to shareholders.

Goulet pointed out the superior operational and technical efficiencies TBTC is able to provide to companies operating in the sector, emphasizing that the Company also has the capacity to fully support casinos as they employ TBTC solutions to increase revenues and create virtual presence.

Hoehne concluded by acknowledging the hard work Goulet has already contributed in identifying and exploiting new markets/opportunities for TBTC, and expressed his confidence that everyone associated with the Company would benefit from Goulet’s “marketing and product development skills”.