Taco Bell's new upscale menu offerings will give the 2 a.m. crowd a bit more gourmet to go with its munchies.

The chain restaurant will unleash its Cantina Bell menu on July 5, featuring new items that include ingredients such as Citrus and Herb Marinated Chicken and Cilantro Rice.

Taco Bell teamed up with chef Loren Garcia from America's Next Great Restaurant to conjure up the goods. The new items will include some vegetarian-friendly options, but most of the fare will still contain meat -- of course.

The new choices include the Cantina Bowl and Cantina Burrito, both under $5, with sides such as fire-roasted corn salsa, chips and guacamole or black beans and cilantro rice.

Taco Bell approached me with an interesting challenge, said Garcia in a statement. They have a passionate fan base that loves the great taste of the classic menu items -- and they don't want to change that. They were looking to keep these menu items and expand their food to offer new flavors with great taste. As a chef, I saw this as an opportunity to help create diversity to the Taco Bell experience, and to introduce and celebrate the tastes and flavors from around the world to millions of customers.

The company is so confident in its new products, it'll replace the order with something else if a red-eyed, giggling customer doesn't scarf it down immediately.

The new goods are meant to up the ante against the chain's main competitor, Chipotle Mexican Grill, which has become the snobby sibling to Taco Bell's rad dude image.