Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc., an aerospace / defense services contractor that provides air-combat training, aerial refueling, aircraft maintenance, disaster relief services and other services to U.S. and foreign militaries and agencies, recently announced that the company has signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire Sudamin A&D S.A., a Colombian defense services contractor.

Sudamin has successfully provided defense related services and equipment to the Colombian Armed Forces for over 10 years. In addition the company has secured partnerships with numerous well-established aircraft and defense equipment manufacturers. Sudamin offers a wide range of military equipment and a comprehensive menu of services to the Colombian Armed Forces.

Under the terms of the memorandum of understanding, Tactical Air Defense Services shall acquire 100 percent of the outstanding stock of Sudamin. Upon closing of the transaction, Sudamin shareholders shall receive a number of shares to-be-determined subject to further mutual due-diligence execution of definitive agreements. In addition, Sudamin will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tactical Air Defense Services.

Alexis C. Korybut, chief executive officer of Tactical Air Defense Services, stated, “The proposed Sudamin acquisition is an important strategic decision by TADF to further expand its presence in Latin America and specifically within Colombia. We believe that the acquisition of Sudamin, a very successful Colombian defense services contractor with established relationships within the Colombian military and government, can establish TADF as the preferred supplier to the Colombian Armed Forces for many years to come.”

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