One company that is starting to capture the attention of investors on Wall Street is Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. Today, Tac-Air took a major step towards enhancing its future with the signing of a letter of intent to acquire Tactical Air Support Inc. (“Tac-Air”), an Aerospace/Defense Services contractor that was founded by a group of former military instructors.

The terms of the Letter of Intent will allow Tac-Air shareholders to receive approximately 46% of the outstanding post-acquisition shares of TADF stock. This is a major accomplishment for the young Tac-Air which has already won and successfully executed multiple Aerospace/Defense contracts awarded by divisions of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Under this acquisition, Rolland C. Thompson who is the current President of Tac-Air and the former Commanding Officer of the world-renowned U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School that is commonly known as “Top Gun”, shall be the new CEO and Director of TADF with current CEO Alexis Korybut taking the positions of CFO and Director.

Commenting on this potential acquisition, Korybut was quoted as saying, “Tac-Air is on the leading edge of this exciting and rapidly growing business. Their experience and technical abilities are unmatched. This acquisition will bring to the Company an exceptional management team of highly experienced and well-regarded ex-military professionals, as well as current contracts and revenues. We believe that the company, post acquisition, can become one of the pivotal players in the private-sector military aviation training services, and will be well-positioned to win an increasing number of Aerospace/Defense Services contracts from the U.S. and foreign-allied militaries and agencies.”

Currently, Tac-Air is trading in the $0.01 range. With this new acquisition in place and a strong amount of positive news being generated within their pipeline, Tac-Air is a company on the rise.

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