Starting yesterday, Facebook now allowes users to have the ability to tag Pages in their photos on Facebook. The company hopes to enrich the user experience by enhancing the design and capabilities of the Facebook platform.

On Facebook there is a discussion where numerous Facebook users comment on Tagging photos on Facebook Pages. 

One comments says, I am admin for a non-profit and we'd love to have our folks tag each other in photos to help spread the word virally. To which another user wrote, I agree . . . is there any Facebook manager reading this discussion board?

Clearly, there was. Now it's not only a discussion, it's a reality.  

If a person tags a 'page' in a photo, for instance Kanye West (as seen in the image below,) the photo will appear on the Photos tab on that specific Page - in this case the Kanye West Page.

To make it more user-friendly, tagging Pages is not limited to those who have Liked the page. Anyone can tag a Page. 

At the moment only Brands & Products or People category brands can be tagged, such as Coca Cola. Facebook is currently working on expanding the Page-tagging to other categories as well. 

As is the case with Photo tagging of people, Page admins can choose to disable tagged photos from appearing on their Photos tab by unchecking the Users can add photos box under the Edit Page section. 

So how do you tag a Page? Visit the Facebook Photo Tagging for Pages link to find out. 

Tell us your thoughts and opinions about the new 'Tagging Page' design. Does it enhance the overall Facebook experience?



Image from Facebook