For a while, when I first earned my driver's license, it was all I could do to not simply just slam on my brakes and force the person behind me through my rear bumper. Then again, back then, I had a horrible case of road rage- rage that stemmed mostly from other people's lack of driving skills.  Looking back, I now realize that you can't really change other people's driving habits. Rather, all that you can do is alter your own driving behavior to make sure that you are driving defensively.

For those who tailgate, I have been able to witness first hand the frustration in these peoples eyes. It seems that most people who are guilty of this bad driving habit are those who are trying to get home or get to wherever it is that they are going in a rush. It can also be due to the fact that the person doing the tailgating is somehow trying to secretly will the person in front of them to drive faster without actually touching or making contact with their back bumper. Needless to say, tailgating is a horrible driving habit to have, let alone develop. I still remember the story that one of my friends told me about how she received a ticket from a police officer for tailgating.

According to this friend, she was driving home from work and simply felt as if the person in front of her wasn't driving fast enough. Combine in the mix the fact that there was a lot of heavy traffic in the small area that she was using to get o her apartment. She kept zipping in and out of traffic in order to get around people who were driving too slow when she unknowingly cut off a police officer. Apparently, not only did she cut off a police officer, but she cut off the police officer and then proceeded to tailgate the person in front of her. It was a lose-lose situation as the police officer then pulled her over and cited her for tailgating. The bad part is that to this day, she insists that she wasn't doing anything wrong! No doubt, she is still tailgating other drivers.

Other times, while we may not be the people doing the tailgating, we are often with those who are guilty of just that. Tailgating makes other passenger nervous, as I learned the hard way by driving with my aunt. I couldn't figure out why she was in such a rush and then came to find out that she just naturally drives fast and tailgates all of the time (no, she did not admit this to me). The real problem is that she thinks that she doesn't have a problem. She thinks that rather than her driving being the issue, it is the other drivers who have an issue with tailgating and/or reckless driving!