Best known for being home to the world’s largest monument to love, the Taj Mahal; Agra also boasts an impressive fort and some interesting mosques. With a population of three million, the town is prosperous and busy, with a constant flow of tourists who desire to see this breathtaking monument.

Part of the famous “Golden Triangle”, Agra’s popularity with tourists is almost entirely due to the powerful draw of the simply stunning Taj Mahal, one of the most instantly recognisable images in the world. The beauty of the Taj more than justifies the many millions who come to visit each year.  Impossibly perfect symmetry and an ethereal white marble exterior will catch the breath of all who glimpse the Taj.

As a tourist mecca, the city is busy and often crowded. However, those with a little time to spare can discover some of the real Agra. Apart from the Taj Mahal itself, the city has a massive Fort dating back five hundred years to the reign of the great Mughal emperor, Akbar. Agra’s fort is surely one of India’s most impressive and was built at a time where Agra was the capital of the Mughal empire.

There is also a thriving old town, complete with a maze of tiny alleys, bazaars and backstreets which offers glimpses of life which has evolved little for many generations.  Travelers may find a visit to the Jami Masjid mosque or the nearby ruined city of Fatehpur Sikri worthwhile trips.