photo credit by flickr, Carsten Knoch

We all know that it's important to pay attention to our posture at work, but it's easy to end up hunched over a cramped keyboard, typing away frantically.

Here's a few simple tips to stay healthy. Yes, they're basic, but even if you've heard them before, I'll bet you're not doing them all...

  • Check your monitor is at the right height (it should be level with your eyes, so that you don't have to tilt your neck up or down). Stack a few books beneath it if necessary.
  • Sit properly in your chair while working, so that your back is supported. Don't hunch forwards - yes, you may look like you're fanatically devoted to your work, but you'll be inviting back problems.
  • Learn some keyboard short-cuts so that you don't have to keep moving your hand back and forth from the mouse.
  • Get a gel pad to rest your wrist on when typing and when using the mouse. Your boss should be willing to purchase one if asked. No manager wants workers on long-term sick leave with RSI.
  • Take a break from your screen at least once an hour. Go and chat to a colleague whose input you need, instead of emailing them. Walk to the water cooler. Sort out that mound of papers on your desk.

And if you do find yourself getting a few twinges here and there, watch this video about office massage and relaxation (from The Guardian) for simple stretches and exercises you can do at your desk.