On Tuesday, the phrases Take it Off Cody and Cody is Ripped have been heavily trending on Twitter, though many Twitter users don't seem to understand the reference.

IBTimes dug in and gleaned that the tweets are directed at Cody Simpson, who appears to be the Australian equivalent of Justin Bieber, except even younger -- Cody is only 14. (Which might help explain why the word pedophilia has been tweeted in connection with this bizarre trend.)

Like Bieber, Simpson began recording songs at home and became a viral sensation on YouTube. He has since signed with Atlantic Records.

Here he is performing an acoustic cover of Justin Timberlake's Cry Me a River in 2009. It's pretty adorable. (After the jump)

Recent tweets indicate that fans want Cody to take off his shirt. Earlier today, Simpson tweeted about having gone to the gym, but Cody has not yet tweeted in response to the Take it Off Cody trend.